Trixie Whitley: The Needs of My Destiny

Trixie Whitley: The Needs of My Destiny
By Nick Gunther

There is a video from Daniel Lanois’ band Black Dub that can be archived online which shows the band, as a trio, playing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 1993. At the time, the collective could have been playing on simply an experimental basis and gave musicians Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade and Daryl Johnson another chance to play together and write as a unit. When Lanois was introduced several years ago to the voice of Trixie Whitley, (he had been in connection with her family for a long time prior to the exchange) over a period of time after, Black Dub was somewhat resurrected and was taken to another level. It is her voice that defines the vocal passion and soulful energy found on the record and as a rising artist in the state of music that is of this current era, her trueness and honesty really resonate in the live sounding atmosphere of the record. Recently, Ms. Whitley took the time before a Black Dub show in Philadelphia at the Theatre of Living Arts to speak with Glide’s Nick Gunther.

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